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Alopix Vrastama Halkidikis
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alopix Olive Grove during October 2022 harvest
alopix olives
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil olives
Alopix 2022 olive harvest
Alopix Olives
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
alopix with olives
alopix dionysus
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
alopix waves
Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alopix story
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Alopix is not just a business, it's a labor of love

Welcome to Alopix, your destination for exceptional unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and more. Located in the foothills of Mountain Cholomon, in the picturesque village of Vrastama, Halkidiki, Greece.

At the age of 17, I embarked on a journey to tend my father's olive trees, continuing a legacy that began over 80 years ago when our great grandfather planted the first seed. With passion and dedication, we bring you products that embody the spirit of our ancestors and the natural beauty of our surroundings.

At Alopix, we take pride in our 280-tree olive grove, nurtured and cared for by generations. Our unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition. Every drop is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a truly remarkable taste that captures the essence of our land.

But our offerings don't stop there. Alongside our exquisite olive oil, we offer olives sourced directly from the same grove. These plump and succulent fruits are a delightful accompaniment to any meal, adding a burst of flavor to your palate.

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Testimonials from Our Esteemed Clients

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During my vacation in Halkidiki, Greece, I had the pleasure of sampling Alopix Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The experience was extraordinary, and I couldn't resist bringing a bottle home with me. The oil's authentic  flavor, combined with its unfiltered richness, left a lasting impression. Now that I'm back, I've already placed an order to savor those fond vacation memories again! 


Alopix fox after harvest
Alopix Dionysus
Alopix with wine
Alopix with Olives
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